About me

My name is Kerstin Langenberger. Born and raised in Germany, nature had always been very precious to me. Coincidence brought me to Iceland just after finishing high school: as a result I lost my heart to the landscapes
and the tranquility of Scandinavia. The breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring immensity of lonely fiords, rugged mountains and mighty glaciers changed me forever:
I cannot longer imagine a structured life in a big city. Being out in nature puts my life in relation and gives me time to breath, think, and to simply be.

By now I have lived seven years in Iceland, one in Norway and two on Svalbard.  I‘m a globetrotter, earning my keep as a nature guide, with journalism and of course photography. I do love interesting and unusual jobs and have, amongst others, worked on expedition cruise ships in the Arctic and Antarctica, as a handler and musher in Norway, as a hut warden and ranger in Iceland and New Zealand, as an environmentalist and photographer for Greenpeace Nordic in Norway, Sweden and the North Atlantic, and (very down to earth) as a farmer both in Austria, Iceland and Norway. Nature conservation and an eco-friendly, open-minded and frugal lifestyle is very important to me. My life is a congregation of compromises but always centers on nature and its conservation. Nature is my life, my joy, my adventure. I just hope that, one day, I will find a way to give something back to nature for all it gave to me, and what I´m so very grateful for.