About me

My name is Kerstin Langenberger.
Born and raised in Germany, nature had always been precious to me. Coincidence brought me to Iceland just after finishing high school: as a result, I've spent most of my adult life somewhere in Scandinavia. By now I have lived seven years in Iceland, one in Norway and two on Svalbard. I'm a globetrotter, earning my keep as a nature guide, with journalism and of course photography. Most recently, my main occupation is being a photographer and lecturer in the German-speaking countries as well as guiding and leading expedition cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica.

Other interesting and unusual jobs in my résumé include working for the South Georgia Heritage Trust in the museum in Grytviken, training huskies in northern Norway, being hut warden and ranger in Iceland and New Zealand, having earned the title "Master of Seasickness" on whatever ship I work on, being an environmental activist for Greenpeace Nordic and (very down to earth) working as a farmer.

Nature conservation and an eco-friendly, open-minded and frugal lifestyle is very important to me. My life is a congregation of compromises but always centres on nature and its conservation. Nature is my life, my joy, my adventure. And whilst I am trying, and stumbling, and learning, I am always looking for a way to give something back to nature for all it gave to me, and what I'm so very grateful for.