Islands of the North

'Inseln des Nordens', the 'Islands of the North' is a live photo presentation in cooperation with professional photographer Olaf Krüger. It aims at showing the beauty and interesting culture of the European Arctic, but also the sensitivity and the need to actively protect it. As of 2017, more than 36.000 people visited the show in over 100 cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

‘Islands of the North’ is a declaration of love for the Arctic. Olaf and me spent six years living and travelling in Iceland, the Faroe and Lofoten Islands, East Greenland and Svalbard: the outcome is a two-hour photo presentation full of funny, adventurous, interesting and thought-provoking stories, music and time lapses. So far, we only tour the German-speaking countries, but we would certainly love to give the talk in other countries, too! In the end, we hope to convey a simple message: that the North is not only extremely beautiful and precious, but also changing fast. To me, the most important nature conservation of our time is action on climate change. Reducing your carbon footprint is easy, everybody can do something, even without making sacrifices. I totally agree to what the French actor Molière once said: „We are not only responsible for the things we do, but also for those we don’t do.“

Further information, unfortunately only in German, can be found on the project's website: