Highlight of the Year
The ongoing year is far from finished, but I think I can safely claim to be looking back onto the highlight of 2014. I was very fortunate to visit the eruption at Holuhraun; a fissure eruption of Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland. ...read more

Happy Holidays!
I wish you a verry merry Christmas and all the best for 2014! :-) ...read more

Successful lecture and awarded image
I am very proud and happy to announce that an image of mine was awarded at the prestigious "GDT Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013" award. Back in Germany, I was invited to give a talk about nature photography, which was a big success as well! ...read more

Antarctic Spring
Much too soon, I´m back from the Antarctic. I was fortunate enough to spend the first weeks of the southern spring down there: October and November in Antarctica are like April/May in the Far North ...read more

A summer on Svalbard
The Arctic calls: I'm off and about to explore the amazing archipelago of Svalbard. As I expect to be quite busy I will very likely be offline until autumn: ...read more

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