Antarctica: A successful season comes to an end
My first season in Antarctica comes to an end: now, in the last days of February, the animals start abandoning their breeding grounds and move back into their real home, which is the southern ocean. We humans do kind of the same: the MS Expedition will run two more trips to the Antarctic Peninsula before heading northwards, exchanging the upcoming winter with the northern summer. ...read more

Season's Greetings!
I do wish all visitors a very merry Christmas, happy new year or simply a joyful holiday! This picture, taken in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, will be the last "nordic" or "arctic" picture for a while: I am so incredibly privileged to have been offered a job in Antarctica, starting on New Years Eve! ...read more

An eventful summer
I'm looking back onto an amazing summer in / around Svalbard. Now, back in Germany, I have plenty of pictures to view and process. Therefore I updated the galeries "aurora" , "alive" and "svalbard". Have a look if you like! ...read more

Around Svalbard
It is time again: During the summer I'll be working far away from civilization. ...read more

Nordic Dreamscapes on Facebook
Nordic Dreamscapes can now be found on Facebook as well: I started an own page and invite you to have a look! ...read more

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