Long time, no hear...
After two years of complete silence, I am going to update this website completely. It will take a few more weeks, if not months, but I ask you to bear with me. Just a little longer and you´ll find updated galeries and info about my brand new show "South Georgia - Gateway to the Antarctic"... ...read more

Updated galleries
I finally found the time to update my photo galleries: most have been added new pictures. Take a look if you like! As it is I don´t have much to report, apart from the fact that I hope to be able to do some more crazy stuff, soon. :-) ...read more

Merry Christmas and a happy 2017!
Knowing I have been neglecting my website during the past year, I´d like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful start into the upcoming new year. ...read more

Iceland at night - a background story
Iceland is well-known for its spectacular landscapes, but also for its unpredictable weather. Continuous rain can be quite demotivating, especially if one knows that northern lights have been predicted, which, of course, can only be seen on a clear night sky. This was exactly the situation I faced when I was in Þórsmörk last autumn. ...read more

Emaciated polar bear - a background story
For tourists and wildlife photographers, the main reason to come to Svalbard is to see polar bears. And yes, usually we find them: beautiful bears, photogenic bears, playfull or even at a kill. At first glance, everything is, as it has always been in one of the most easily accessible polar bear populations of the world, strongly protected and doing good, so some people say. But are they really doing good, the bears up here? ...read more

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